Being Timely with your Community Development Block Grant

Has the pandemic and the additional funding, have you looking for ways to more effectively manage your Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program?

As an administrator of CDBG, you already know that the program assists low-to-moderate income individuals, households, and census-tracts/block-groups across the nation. Because so many people within your community depend on CDBG, it is important that Grantees, Subrecipients, and/or community partners just like you, are able to roll out programs quickly, while effectively managing the compliance, and disburse the funding timely.

Managing your CDBG program can be complex, cumbersome, and challenging. Because there are multiple activities that need to be administered, it is essential that you have a system in place that will assist you in approving, allocating and monitoring all your grant funds and activities, all-in-one location – effectively helping you communicate processes across all Community Stakeholders.


  • Neighborly Software’s offers a turn-key solution for over 20 different Housing, Economic and Community Development programs
  • Accept, review and score CDBG applications efficiently
  • Allocate and track in real-time all funding sources (local, state, federal, etc.)
  • Enable subrecipients to submit invoices (draws) and accomplishment reports online, with automatic notifications
  • Report and reconcile the data to help ‘Tell the Story’ when it is time to prepare the annual CAPER and pin all projects on a city/county-wide map

For many CDBG Participating Jurisdictions, meeting the CDBG Timeliness Test can be very stressful and impacting resulting in significant consequences. Neighborly Software will assist you in spending your CDBG funds quickly and efficiently while maintaining compliance through our comprehensive solution. You will also be able to establish a process payment workflow that notifies those in the approval process when it is time for their review.


  • Create workflow, checklists, and tasks that will assist you in proactively managing your CDBG spending more efficiently
  • Remove backlogs in reviewing invoices and supporting documentation
  • Track all expenditure calculations set by HUD
  • Easily report on all transactions by program, funding source, and budget category
  • Remove the burden of untimeliness

When it comes to meeting HUD’s specific performance measures that require timely expenditures for entitlement and timely distribution, it is essential to have a software partner like Neighborly Software that can assist you in maximizing your community investments and minimize administrative burdens. Our system is extremely intuitive to use, so your community partners and stakeholders will be able to get a head start on accessing the funding and delivering the benefit/service to the community in a “timely” fashion.

At Neighborly Software we are here to help you (our Neighbor) with your CDBG day-to-day needs. Because at Neighborly Software, we believe in “Helping Communities – Help People”. Schedule your CDBG software assessment today. CLICK HERE


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