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Our Mission

Neighborly Software is a purpose driven company that provides a cloud based software solution to improve the administrative efficiency and regulatory compliance of Housing, Economic and Community Development programs.


Neighborly Software is an Atlanta based company that integrates 4 different systems into one easy to use online based program. By eliminating paper-based applications, manual processes and outdated technology, organizations can maximize their community investment dollars and minimize their compliance risk.


We focus on minimizing the processes and complications that make your life difficult and have expensive budgets. Our software eliminates rekeying, guides the validation process, improves cycle time, while generating documents and reports. By having all of your documents and information in one place we are able to improve compliance with audit logs, document storage and more.


The administration of Housing, Economic and Community Development activities is cumbersome; often requiring volumes of paper, manual processes, and time consuming reporting. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor experience, long cycle times and program oversight with compliance challenges. It doesn’t have to be this way, we developed Neighborly Software to improve lives as well as efficiency.

Leadership Team

We are a motley crew full of unique backgrounds and various perspectives. From receding hairlines to extensive hat collections (these should probably go together), we pride ourselves on diversity and accomplishments. As a team, we value efficiency and relationships both with each other and with our network of hard working clients.

Jason Rusnak President

Long time suffering Cleveland sports fan with a rapidly receding hairline and a passion for building teams that exceed expectations.

Working at the intersection of strategy and technology, Jason Rusnak is a “disrupter” that takes great pride in challenging the status quo. As co-founder and President of Neighborly Software, Jason is responsible for the company’s strategy, back office functions and staying out of the way of the talented team he works with.

Prior to Neighborly Software, Jason held management positions with Accenture and ADP. Jason completed his undergraduate studies at Denison University (Go Big Red) and received his MBA from the University of North Carolina (Go Heels). He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Liz and two sons, Jackson and Brady.

Two Truths & A Lie:

  • Jason is in the Hall of Fame with legendary football coach Woody Hayes.
  • Jason walked into the wrong office, but still completed a full job interview.
  • Jason got lost while taking his wife to the hospital during the birth of their child.

Chris Behm Chief Technology Officer

Daring, sophisticated, fast-car driving, outlandish, man of the people with a flair for the dramatic and passion for embellishment.

Despite self-describing superlatives to the contrary, Chris is a pretty laid back IT guy who enjoys collaborating with hard working people similarly dedicated to improving business processes through technology.

Chris graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) with a BBA in Management Information Systems and MBA from Emory University. Originally from North Carolina, Chis resides now in Atlanta with his wife Catherine, son Connor and daughter Hallie.

Two Truths & A Lie:

  • Chris once attempted to hike Mount Everest but chickened out at base camp.
  • Chris was a computer programmer in 6th grade, well before it was cool to be a tech nerd.
  • Chris won the half-time football toss at the 2007 NCAA football championship.

Tanya Rustin Client Success

Ramen obsessed, Hat-collecting, Southern hip hop aficionado with a passion for getting things done.

Tanya has been described, by her friends, as the Master of Good Vibes. As Client Success Manager at Neighborly Software, Tanya is responsible for managing customer onboarding and software implementation, as well as recruiting an army of customer service Spartans to build out the client success team.

Prior to Neighborly Software, Tanya spent a decade in different customer-facing roles from Apartment Finder to TransUnion. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her vast collection of shoes and Atlanta United merch.

Two Truths & A Lie:

  • Tanya orchestrated a 50+ person Nerf gun fight in Piedmont Park.
  • Tanya can wear a different hat every day in a month without ever repeating.
  • Tanya is a culinary school graduate.

Martin Greenlee SVP Sales

Bearded, flannel wearing, Coldplay listening, mountain man with a passion for saving trees and a knack for streamlining government grant programs, of course!

As Senior Vice President of Sales with Neighborly Software, Marty is responsible for navigating the company along the historic and treacherous wagon route from Missouri to Oregon and beyond. All while growing awareness, creating and maintaining relationships, generating sales, and keeping safe from dysentery.

Prior to Neighborly Software, Marty focused his work on grant application management through both a previous company and by serving 15 years in local government administration; federal pass-through funding from HUD, was his jam. Marty is a former collegiate football kicker and received a BA in Geography from Central Washington University. Go Wildcats! He lives and works near Portland, OR with his three young boys.

Two Truths & A Lie:

  • Marty recently broke his nose doing his infamous “worm” on the dance floor.
  • Marty prefers cranberry juice instead of coffee in the morning.
  • Marty once hiked over 25 miles in one day.

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