Voices of Impact: Helping Communities Help People

Neighborly Navigator tells the stories of government and industry leaders transforming the public sector for the greater good. It shares their perspectives, key insights, and emerging trends of the rapidly changing landscape of Treasury and HUD program funding. We will also dive into how these influencers got to where they are, their passions in and outside of the office, and the roadblocks they’ve conquered.


Episode 4

Navigating the Challenges of HUD Program management

Featuring Elizabeth McNanny, President & CEO,
Resource Consultants


Episode 3

Navigating Times of Transition:
How States Are Using Fiscal Recovery Funds For Affordable Housing

Featuring Jennifer Schwartz, Director of Tax and Housing Advocacy, National Council of State Housing Agencies


Episode 2

Navigating the Complexities of Affordable Housing

Featuring Katie Goar, President, Quadel


Episode 1

Leading Community Development Through Change

Featuring Vicki Watson, Executive Director, National Community Development Association



Voices of Impact: Helping communities help people


Martin Greenlee, Senior Vice President, Sales, Neighborly Software

Natalie Connell, Marketing Director, Neighborly Software