Let's remove the stress around your Rental Assistance Program.

Need Assistance with your Emergency Rental Assistance program? We are here to support you and be your trusted Neighbor…

Neighborly Software’s cloud-based software provides a turnkey solution for the enrollment, administration and reporting of housing, economic and community development programs. By replacing paper-based applications, manual processes and outdated technology…..organizations can better maximize their community investment dollars.

Our software includes the best practices that provide an efficient and compliant ERA program:

1. Proven Solution. Neighborly Software has a proven Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance software solution that is used by over 200 public sector clients, including states, counties and cities. Our solution is hosted in Microsoft’s FedRAMP data center and includes secure encryption, hosting, data storage, and disaster recovery.

2. Quick Implementation. Neighborly Software’s best practice Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance module can be implemented in 1 week, including training.

3. Experienced Staff. Neighborly Software is implemented and serviced by a team with over 60 years of experience administering housing, economic and community development programs. Our knowledge not only expedites the implementation and support processes, but also provides our “Neighbors” with best practices that are proven to drive operational efficiencies, improve program compliance and maximize community investment outcomes.

4. Committed Partner. Housing, Economic and Community Development is core to the Neighborly Software mission - in fact, it is the only market we serve. This means your jurisdiction is getting a committed partner that is focused on making this solution a success as opposed to a technology vendor searching for a project.

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