Improving Efficiency and Transparency in North Miami

The City of North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA) and Community Planning and Development Department (CPD) – Housing Division recently selected Neighborly Software to automate the enrollment, administration and reporting of their housing, economic and community development programs. The software, which went ‘live’ in March, is expected to improve the efficiency and transparency of the local, state and federal funded programs. “Prior to the software, we relied on excel spreadsheets, paper files and manual processes to administer the programs and ensure compliance. Today, the software automates much of that administration and provides us with an audit log to track all activity associated with a project or individual case file,” said Tanya Wilson-Sejour, Planning Zoning and Development Director.

Each year North Miami allocates ~$2M in funding to housing, economic and community development programs. These programs are designed to drive economic growth, provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanded opportunities, principally for low and moderate-income persons/families. The NMCRA uses local funds to help improve the quality of life of residents by revitalizing the City’s physical, economic, educational and social resources. Every dollar the City saves in administration and reporting costs is another dollar that the City can invest back into the North Miami community. “The software is going to allow our staff to spend more time maximizing community investment outcomes and less time on administration and reporting,” commented Rasha Soray-Cameau, Community Redevelopment Agency Director.

Neighborly Software, which works exclusively with housing, economic and community development leaders across the country, was equally excited about the partnership. “Our partnership with the City of North Miami is a great example of the power of the public and private sector working together. We all want more efficient, transparent and accountable government and we could not be more proud to work with the City of North Miami to make that happen,” said President of Neighborly Software, Jason Rusnak.