Navigating Times of Transition: How States Are Using Fiscal Recovery Funds For Affordable Housing

In Episode 3, we’re discussing Navigating Times of Transition: How States Are Using Fiscal Recovery Funds For Affordable Housing. Our guest speaker, Jennifer Schwartz, Director of Tax & Housing Advocacy for the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA), shares key insights on how state governments are using these funds as our nation slowly recovers from the pandemic. Jennifer has been a long-time advocate for Affordable Housing and we’re so excited to have her as a guest on our show.

As the Director of Tax and Housing Advocacy, Jennifer leads NCSHA’s multifamily and tax policy team and oversees the organization’s federal legislative advocacy efforts, with particular focus on the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and tax-exempt private activity Housing Bonds.

  • Join us for an episode you don’t want to miss as we discuss:
  • NCSHA’s current advocacy and legislative initiatives.
  • Key insight on the finalization of the FY22 Budget and what that looks like for State Housing Agencies.
  • Opportunities for strengthening and expanding the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, including restoring the 12.5% cut states experienced in 2022.
  • NCSHA’s efforts to facilitate a more effective use of Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for affordable housing purposes.
  • The potential for both statutory and regulatory changes to the HOME program.
  • Perspective on 2022 funding for both HOME and Housing Trust Fund and what NCSHA is hoping to see for HOME in 2023 appropriations.
  • Emerging trends for maintaining compliance and the way State Housing Agencies are managing their programs during COVID.
  • Best practices in distributing Affordable Housing program funds.

To learn more about the NCSHA, visit their website at National Council of State Housing Agencies — NCSHA.

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