Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

A slow and steady runner, with an obsession for transforming underdogs into champions, and conquering seemingly impossible challenges. 

Jen is an accomplished leader in the Saas based, Customer Success world. Driven by her obsession to help others achieve their fullest potential, she takes pride in developing and continually enhancing her team and our Neighbors’ experience.  As Vice President of (Client) Operations, her primary goal is to cultivate an environment where our Neighbors love interacting with our team and software alike.  Outside of Neighborly Software, Jen spends her time exploring, learning, and spending time with her family.  Kayaking, running and mountain biking are just a few ways she explores with her family, and when not exploring, she’s likely got an audible book going in her ear buds or her nose in a book.

Jen graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a dual major in Political Science and History.  She earned her M.S from Duquesne University in Leadership and Business Ethics.  Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Jen now resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband Bruce, daughter Gabriella, a couple of pups and two fun loving Uromastyx.

2 Truths and a Lie

  • Jen’s extensive gnome collection has gained her recognition in the local news, and gotten her fined by her HOA.
  • Though particularly afraid of heights Jen has paraglided off the Swiss Alps.
  • Jen competed in, and won a local ping pong championship.  She was awarded a championship belt as her prize.