Neighborly Software Attends NCDA’s 2022 Winter Conference

We enjoyed sponsoring and attending the National Community Development Association’s (NCDA) 2022 Winter Conference on February 2-4!

As a sponsor of the event, Neighborly Software fully supports NCDA’s efforts as this partnership furthers our joint mission of empowering local governments to create sustainable communities and equitable economies.

Governmental entities are consistently under pressure to keep up with current and increasing regulatory requirements of federal funding. Faced with unique challenges, these governmental entities can benefit from the insight of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have turned around struggling programs with new technology.

In case you missed it, check out our Events page and social media channels for the recording of NCDA’s Community Development Webinar, where we spoke with our Neighbors (clients) the City of Danville, IL and the City of Birmingham, AL about Housing, Economic & Community Development program potential pitfalls and best practices for successfully managing these programs!

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